Casos de Éxito

Casos de Éxito

Empresas que confían en nuestra solución y se benefician de las ventajas de trabajar con nosotros: ahorro en costes, alto nivel de servicio y la mayor variedad de producto del mercado

Dida Travel

"DidaTravel is pleased to announce our “360-degree” partnership with XML Travelgate both in terms of content sourcing and distribution. Partnering with XML Travelgate's technology, our customers will be able to easily reach our growing portfolio of direct contract properties (10.000+) in Asia Pacific region. Among the biggest beneficiaries of this partnership will be national and regional tourism organizations, which will be able to work with XML Travelgate and DidaTravel to tap into our high-value Chinese outbound market. The Chinese outbound market will benefit from the extensive European content provided by XML Travel Gate. With China expected to contribute approximately 20% of the European inbound market by 2020, the ability for DidaTravel to offer this extensive content to the Chinese travel trade is a key attraction of the partnership” 

Welcome Beds

"We are pleased to announce is partnering with XML Travelgate. Using XML Travelgate's state-of-the-art technology our customers will be able to easily reach our growing portfolio of direct contract properties (10.000+). At the same time it grants us access to channel managers, hotel chains, bedbanks and other suppliers, which will give our product acquisition extraordinary agility, improve timelines and reduce costs. This makes XML Travelgate the perfect match for"


"HotelsPro are delighted to announce the new collaboration with XML Travelgate, in integrating new suppliers into our hotel portfolio. This complements our existing work together, with XML Travelgate being a central distribution partner in offering our industry leading 'Coral' Sales platform to the Global trade. XML Travelgate's burgeoning reputation for peerless speed and accuracy in their services, makes them a natural partner for HotelsPro, who are well established as a travel industry leader in offering cutting edge solutions."


Hemos externalizado todo nuestro departamento de integraciones de forma que nos hemos liberados de mantener cualquier tipo de relación técnica con proveedores. Con esto Logitravel ha conseguido que su equipo se pueda dedicar única y exclusivamente a su negocio, que es vender viajes.

"Para Logitravel, trabajar con XML Travelgate ha supuesto un gran avance, ya que las integraciones con proveedores han dejado de ser un problema para nuestro departamento de IT. Nuestro equipo de desarrollo ahora puede dedicarse a optimizar las reglas de negocio teniendo la garantia que las conexiones funcionan y estan actualizadas. Desde que trabajamos con ellos hemos conseguido multiplicar por 3 nuestro porfolio de producto y reducir el nivel de incidencias a un 20%"

British Airways Holidays

"British Airways Holidays are connecting to XML Travelgate as it provides the ability to transform our hotel acquisition processes overnight. By connecting to XML Travelgate we gain access to the latest API’s of our existing partners, reducing our internal maintenance and development costs, prebuilt versions of 200+ alternate providers, both B2B and source direct, as well as the ability to access the world’s major channel managers without having to build out our own extranet. By gaining this flexibility within our product acquisition we can reduce the costs to our partners and better ensure our clients are able to access the lowest price, best value options for their holidays.

XML Travelgate have the most flexible customer focused approach to development of any organisation in this space we spoke to. Their robust architecture in collaboration with a real deep technical passion for improving XML integration met our requirements in a partner and the flexibility in our build to date has been outstanding" Group

"We selected XML Travelgate for this partnership based on the positive feedback we had received about the platform from many of our suppliers, as well as the team at XML Travelgate’s exceptional and agile work. With the platform making it easy for us to quickly and simply integrate our suppliers, we are excited about what we will be able to achieve in our work with XML Travelgate."



“We are all very pleased to be working with XML Travelgate. The alliance between our two companies is an integral part of our strategy to ensure customers have a full range of available products from our 200,000+ properties featured across the globe. XML Travelgate are specialists when it comes to integrating XML feeds and we are very happy that we are now live with them from a selling and buying perspective.”


Vanilla Tours

"As a global wholesaler, our aim is to provide best, quick, and easyXML way to make your reservations online with and XML connectivity. We offer around 220.000 hotels in Europe, Asia, US and LATAM with best possible best rates from 66 live Hotel partners. We believe that we can reach more partners with XML Travelgate. Thank you for everything XML TRAVELGATE!"