Advantages for Clients

Add more than 600 suppliers to your product catalogue, increase your overall sales and achieve significant savings by working with us

Any travel company today depends on XML integrations to buy and/or sell product. As the company grows, the number and importance of integrations in business multiplies. By multiplying the number of integrations, incidents grow exponentially. As they depend on their integrations to buy and sell, soon they spend more time and resources on keeping integrations running than in growing their business.

This scenario is increasingly common. This situation doesn't just hurt the company, as they spend more and more time and resources maintaining integrations but it also hurts the final customer, because the company can't provide the same level of service it did before. 

XML Travelgate handles all maintenance, support, and issues with suppliers allowing travel companies to focus on what they are really interested in: selling!

The advantages of working with XML Travelgate and outsourcing your integrations department are as follows:


XML Travelgate offers a very effective pricing solution. You only pay when you start selling.

Unbeatable Time To Market

With XML Travelgate once you are connected to our integrations hub you'll can get access to over 600 suppliers. Forget waiting lists for suppliers and start selling today!

Maintenance and Support

In XML Travelgate we have a dedicated support team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any incident, no matter the time, will be handled immediately at no additional cost.

With XML Travelgate you can rest assured your integrations are always working and you can go back to growing your business!