The largest selection of products in the market

We have suppliers for all your travel needs: Connect to hotels, airlines, ferries, trains, railway, rent-a-car and transfers using the best integration available in the market

XML Travelgate provides a robust solution to connectivity problems between different systems. It's the definitive solution for your integrations. Missing out on sales because an integration is not updated is a thing of the past. We guarantee 100% delivery of supplier's product, without filters or business rules so you can sell it as you wish.

Besides integration development, XML Travelgate provides maintenance, updating and daily monitoring of each and every one of your integrations without charges. We guarantee 100% trusted integrations. In addition, we provide access to our intranet which shows requests made to each supplier and their status in real time. Our team reviews integrations daily and keeps a close relationship with suppliers so any error, update or issue is instantly resolved. It's in our suppliers' interest to have their integration working at 100%, because our traffic means a lot of turnover for them as we have great players in the travel industry.